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Different types of secure self storage

A self storage facility provides a unit or a room that looks similar to a garage, but is windowless. It has a simple roll up access door just like the one you would find in a garage. Self storage units are generally connected to a number of other units of the same size. From the outside, they look like many different garages which have been linked together. When you rent one of these units, you will be provided with a lock and a key. Rental is on a month to month basis.

Self storage facilities cater for everyone’s storage needs. Basically, there are many different types of storage available which makes it possible to store almost anything. There are units which can be used to store a box of books and there are also storage units which can be used to store a ski boat or a car. No matter what your storage needs are, you can find suitable units that suit your needs.

When you start considering self storage, it is important for you to think about what kind of storage unit you will need. Along with different sizes, there are different types available as well and they are used to serve different functions. Some of the different types of storage which are available include:

Indoor Storage

Indoor units are usually inside a building and to access these units, you will have to enter the building and pass through security checks. Indoor storage units are available in various sizes and these are generally used to store smaller items or household and office items. Smaller units can be used to stack books, home items, clothing items and files and folders. Large indoor storage units can be used to store furniture items, equipments, fitness machines, garage tools, etc.

Outside Storage

Outside storage units are generally used to store large items such as cars, trucks, boats, bikes, tractors and other types of vehicles. Outdoor storage facilities make use of wire mesh to partition the different units.

Drive-up Storage

These come in different sizes and look very much like garages. In fact, drive up storage make it possible for the customer to drive right to the door of the storage unit and pick up or drop off items. A facility which provides drive up storage includes a number of rows of buildings which are divided into different units. In some facilities, you may even be allowed to park your vehicle inside the larger units.

Mobile Storage – Self Storage “Pods” in Warehouses

Mobile storage companies make it possible for you to have a storage unit on your property. In most cases, mobile storage is needed when people carry out renovation work and need space to store their belongings. You can choose a mobile storage unit depending on the amount of items you want to store. Once you have filled the unit, the storage company will take it away and store it on its facility. When you need your belongings back, they will deliver it to your home. Even if you have the need to relocate, they will deliver your items stored in the mobile storage wherever you want them to.

Mobile Storage – Self Storage “Pods” at Home

These are used by homeowners or business owners who are trying to free up some space in the home or office. A mobile storage unit can be placed on the property for as long as you like. In most cases, they are rented for few months and even years. The benefit is that you are able to reduce clutter in your home and office by storing unnecessary or less frequently used items in a storage unit. This storage unit will not be taken away by the storage company. You can have it on your property and access your belongings whenever you want to.

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